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The Full Story

Greetings, brave adventurers and career seekers! I'm Nicole, and I'm on a personal quest to get people great jobs. I'm an avid storyteller, Game Master, and career consultant, leveraging the magical world of Dungeons & Dragons with career consulting to help you Interview With Advantage


In previous encounters, I served as a Graduate Student Association Professional Development Coordinator, focusing on helping grad students prepare for professional life. I was also a graduate student writing consultant for 3 years, and because of these endeavor, I'm well-versed in identifying and communicating personal strengths and skills.

I'm also a passionate tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) enthusiast, having played in and run games for over five years. Through all of thesef experiences, I've learned how to create meaningful, compelling narratives and problem-solving scenarios that resonate well with career planning and development.


At Interview With Advantage, I channel these skills and experiences to offer a unique, engaging, and empowering career consulting experience, inspired by the thrilling fantasy of Dungeons & Dragons. At the heart of my approach is a core belief that self-understanding is the compass that guides your journey to career success. 

Our adventure will begin with a fundamental step - understanding your personal values and strengths. As your career consultant, I will help you unearth your innate abilities and core beliefs, much like understanding the attributes of a D&D character, and help you leverage these qualities effectively in your career pursuits.


I invite you to embark upon this unique quest with me at Interview With Advantage. While our sessions will be imbued with a sense of fun and excitement, let there be no doubt - your career search is not a game. I'm fully committed to your career journey and take the responsibility of securing your future job prospects with utmost seriousness. With me, your career development is no mere fantasy. It's a reality we'll strive to enhance and build, every step of the way.

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